Who I Am

I’m Robin Gold, an independent consultant who wants to help small and startup social enterprises do everything they can to fulfill their missions.

I provide the services that nonprofits and socially responsible for-profit organizations need to make deeper and more meaningful impacts on their constituents and communities.

I’ve worked and trained with industry experts and professionals from WNET Public Media, the American Museum of Natural History, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, Social Impact Studios, Big Duck, and Creative New Jersey

A different kind of consulting?

Have you heard of the Eisenhower Matrix? It’s a system that prioritizes your tasks into four categories: Urgent and Important, Urgent but not Important, Important but not Urgent, and Neither Urgent nor Important. The theory is that sorting one’s to-do list into these categories helps prioritize—and eliminate—tasks. I love this system and I use it all the time. But if you’re an organization with a small staff, small budget, and small bandwidth, you’ll run into a big problem:

You never get to the tasks that are IMPORTANT but not Urgent.

I know this struggle all too well, having spent my entire career in the nonprofit industry. That’s why I offer the services that make the difference between an organization that makes enough money to keep the lights on, and a sustainable social enterprise that’s authentic, meaningful, and mission-oriented.

Where are you?

I’m based in Northern New Jersey. I can travel based on your needs.

I’m not sure if I need your services. What should I do?

Contact me! I would love to arrange a time to talk through your organization’s needs. My initial consultation (phone call, Skype, office visit, etc.) is always free of charge!

Why are you right for my organization?

I’ve been working in the nonprofit social enterprise industry for 12 years, at organizations as big as 5,000 employees and as small as 2 employees. I’ve created and worked on outreach and engagement campaigns for an unbelievable variety of audiences: New York City public schoolteachers, Latina cardiology patients, Appalachian school administrators, teen filmmakers, postdoctoral fellows, marine biologists, underprivileged urban youth, Pacific Islands government resource managers, high school drama clubs, undocumented immigrants, small business owners, and more.

I’m a seasoned grant writer (I’ve written or co-written grants that have secured over $2 million in funding) and I’m experienced in donor and foundation relations. I know how to develop and execute programs from start to finish, soup to nuts. I am a skilled event planner, with experience planning and managing conferences, festivals, galas, fundraisers, and board meetings.

You know how most people either focus on small details or see the big picture? I do both. That’s what allows me to help you with everything from choosing the right punctuation for your newsletters to staffing your events, and never losing sight of your mission or strategic plan.